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Friday, August 24, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aliens are demons. Space ships. Abductions.

 News flash this stuff is real...just most people are too lazy to study their bibles... read around Gen 5 ...sons of God... known this for years.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I ditched my cable and get it for free ....

Okay , so why do people keep a land line... I don't only cell... why do you keep your cable? I don't I pay like $30 for internet... I can watch it all online.. all said ...get your news on youtube...etc...  as a Extreme Couponer and in this economy every "PENNY" counts... so we tried it and thought why are we paying for it? Granted.. in the  future the online shows so to speak may start to charge...but there is a window of time ... the ground breakers ... will all be getting it for free... I was like no way cable!!! mommy meltdown...but with iphone and internet... and netflix for the special movies I want to watch... cable was just not used... I do have a TV with the rabbit ears...but I can probably spend the time to find the shows I want...just have too many other things that have filled my que so to speak that I am watching.. all said... this is a BIG SAVINGS...there are spots for free internet...example wi fi and McDonalds...and I think there may be some programs out there...I just am not there yet in my research. Please subscribe , comment , and share your thoughts.

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YouTube Presents: An Interview with Shakira

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